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Senior and Junior Fellowships 2023 selected


The External Advisory Board of the Bayreuth Humboldt Centre has selected three Senior and three Junior Fellows who were recently appointed by the University's Governing Board.
The researchers selected hail from Brazil, the Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom and Denmark. Together with their Bayreuth colleagues, they will work on joint research projects and contribute to the sustainable internationalization of research at UBT.

The awardees:

Dr Annelies Andries (Junior Fellow) from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She is a musicologist and will implement a project on "Gender in Translation: Bavarian Translations of French Opera, 1800-1825". Her host is Prof. Dr Kordula Knaus.

Prof. Dr Sang Won Bae (Senior Fellow) from Kyonggi University in South Korea. He will work with his host Prof. Dr Christian Knauer in the field of computer science/mathematics on higher order colour Voronoi diagrams.

Dr Paul Bentley (Senior Fellow) from Imperial College London, UK. He and his host Prof. Dr Aldo Faisal use artificial intelligence and smart technology to monitor the health of stroke patients.

Dr Everton Maciel (Junior Fellow) from the Research Foundation of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development in Brazil is a biologist. He will be working with his host Prof. Dr Steven Higgins to identify priority species and areas for the conservation of tree diversity in the tropical savannas of South America.

Prof. Dr Christopher McNeill (Senior Fellow) from Monash University in Australia. Together with his hosts Prof. Dr Anna Köhler and Prof. Dr Eva M. Herzig, he will explore ways to improve solar cell technology by controlling the alignment and orientation of heterojunctions in organic solar cells.

Dr Frank Poulsen (Junior Fellow) from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain. He will investigate "Hermann Conring and the Legal History of the Holy Roman Empire" in cooperation with his hosts Prof. Dr Martin Ott and Prof. Dr Astrid Swenson.

Profiles of all new Fellows will be available shortly on our website.

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