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Professor Diego Bustos

I am extremely honored and grateful to have been selected to receive the Senior Fellowship of the University of Bayreuth Centre of International Excellence “Alexander von Humboldt“. Eager to begin joint work with Dr Andreas Möglich on optogenetic techniques for the modulation of cAMP in molecular cell signaling processes. Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity that the University of Bayreuth gives me to internationalize my scientific career and generate academic bridges between the National University of Cuyo, where I am a professor, and the University of Bayreuth.

Senior Fellow Professor Diego Bustos

Dr Cassandra Gorman

I am delighted and honoured to have been offered the Senior Fellowship at the University of Bayreuth. It is a privilege to be collaborating with my host, Professor Florian Klaeger – an expert on early modern literature and scientific knowledge – on a project that rethinks the relations between poetry, science and gender.

Senior Fellow Associate Professor Cassandra Gorman

Professor Christopher Meissner

I am honored to receive the Senior Fellowship, and I very much look forward to working with Professors Egger and Hesse. We aim to expand our knowledge about global economic linkages over the long-run. I am excited about all of our projects. The first aims to use newly emerging AI technologies based on LLMs to help historical researchers improve access to databases which have not previously been digitized. We also plan to examine global value chains and inter-connections over the long-run with a focus on both economic efficiency and strategic concerns. In times of global uncertainty how have economies managed their exposure to global forces? What are the implications and lessons from history regarding such economic entanglements? How can we balance strategic concerns and economic efficiency and how have we done so in the past? Our research will speak directly to major historical debates as well as contemporary issues of paramount importance.

Senior Fellow Professor Christopher Meissner

Dr. Philipp Braun

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to return to the University of Bayreuth, the place where I have started my academic career. I am looking forward to learn new methods and to explore new areas of research working side by side with Prof. Grüne.

Junior Fellow Dr. Philipp Braun

Dr. . Matthias Zußner

I am very honored to have been awarded the Junior Fellowship and look forward to working with Prof. Christoph Krönke and other associated researchers at the Bayreuth Center for Law & Technology. This is a fantastic opportunity for innovative and interdisciplinary research on the Digital Single Market and will shed new light on its relevant foundations in EU law.        

Junior Fellow Dr. Matthias Zußner               

Professor Bae

It is a great honor for me to receive the Fellowship.
Several times, I've visited University of Bayreuth before, and I liked its campus very much.
I'm so excited about this opportunity that I can conduct the challenging research project in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Christian Knauer and his colleagues in Bayreuth.

Senior Fellow Professor Sang Won Bae 

Prof. Maciel

Receiving this award marks a significant milestone in his professional journey, as it enables him to work as a junior researcher abroad, collaborating with Dr. Steven Higgin, an expert in global change ecology and savannas worldwide. The fusion of Higgin and Maciel’s expertise presents a remarkable prospect to propel research and conservation approaches for the South American savannas.

Junior Fellow Dr Everton Maciel

Dr Frank Poulsen

The Junior Fellowship is a first important recognition of the academic quality of my general research project on an intellectual history of legal history (INTELLEX). It will allow me to establish a scholarly network and start investigating Hermann Conring’s teaching in legal history before applying for a larger grant.

Junior Fellow Dr Frank Poulsen

Professor Andrey Grigoriev

„I highly value the opportunity to come to the Bayreuth campus and collaborate with my host, Professor Kuhn, one of the leading experimentalists in the area of planarian regulation and small RNAs. This provides a great impetus to my lab's computational work and further insights into their intricate mechanisms."                                                                                            Senior Fellow Professor Andrey Grigoriev

"I am delighted and humbled to have been awarded the Senior Fellowship and I am thrilled to collaborate with Profs Lippitz and Herink on quantum terahertz photonic systems. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain from each other’s complementary expertise and combine forces to produce new scientific knowledge and develop innovative applications."                                                                                                                             Senior Fellow Professor Jean-Michel Ménard

Dr. Marilize Everts

„This fellowship was the key to a new research field and experimental methods.  My time spent at the University of Bayreuth broadened my perspectives, equipped me with new experimental methods and research techniques and contributed greatly to my development as a researcher and academic."                                                                                                                      Junior Fellow Dr Marilize Everts

Professor Umukoro

„The fellowship period was very rewarding. My host, Prof. Tim Dorlarch made my research activities stimulating. The University library has a lot of research resources that were relevant to my study. The fellowship also made it possible for me to participate in the activities of the newly established Peace and Conflict Research Network of UBT. The experiences I gained during the fellowship are currently useful to my university in Nigeria. The staff of the Humboldt Centre and Welcome Services were very helpful and made my stay in Bayreuth very interesting. Special thanks to Sabine, Angela, Insa and Dominika."                                                                     Junior Fellow Professor Nathaniel Umukoro

Photo Prof Kozlowski

„It is both a great honour to receive the BHC Senior Fellowship and a splendid occasion to conduct in tandem with Professor Anno Mungen a potentially groundbreaking research project, whose significance resonates well beyond the Wagner festivals per se. It is no less an invaluable opportunity to further develop collaborative scholarship and maintain the traditions of indefatigable enquiry that stand proudly as the pillars of the Research Institute for Music Theatre Studies (fimt).“
Senior Fellow Professor Krzysztof Kozłowski

Photo Prof Muller

„I live in a country where mobility - research or otherwise - is restricted for a vast majority of people by poverty and danger to life and limb. In this context, international research mobility is not only a privilege, but a responsibility.“
Senior Fellow Professor Stephanus Muller

Photo Dr Begley

„My archival work this year has been hampered by limited time slots and pre-booking requirements in the archives. But this was not an issue at the University of Bayreuth, where I have had access to a nice office and where my host, Professor Klaeger, has ensured that I‘ve had a really fantastic and productive stay.“
Junior Fellow Dr Justin Begley

Photo Dr Kettioui

„I felt triumphant and grateful as I arrived in Bayreuth and began to work in my office at the department of the study of religion. This was especially so as I have fond memories of my earlier visit to Bayreuth university in 2010 where I attended a one-month summer academy organised by BIGSAS.“
Junior Fellow Dr Abdelmjid Kettioui

Photo Dr Radovich

„Bayreuth University campus is wonderful, it is circular, so integrative and inclusive to all sciences (...). After remaining working at home due to COVID pandemic, Bayreuth campus has meant a boost of energy to me.“
Junior Fellow Dr Violeta Radovich

Photo Dr Vile

„Exchanges such as the possibility to work and discuss abroad not only have a scientific function, but also lead to the exchange of cultural aspects between researchers of different countries, and to the development of international networks. So as soon as travel bans were lifted, I bought a ticket to Bayreuth.“
Junior Fellow Dr Gianvito Vilé

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