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New Strategic Scientific Workshops and Short Term Grantees Selected


In July 2022, the Executive Board of the Bayreuth Humboldt Centre selected another five Short Term Grantees as well as three Strategic Scientific Workshops.

The new Grantees join the 45 Fellows and Grantees funded by the Centre to date, and they do so from Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ghana, and India.

In their new collaborative projects with Bayreuth colleagues, they fabricate customisable graphene sensors for biomedical applications (Dr Nishaar Hameed with Prof Dr Franz Konstantin Fuss), investigate the responsibility and impact of multinational food corporations on public health nutrition in Ghana (Dr Eric Nyarko and Junior Professor Tina Bartelmeß), and develop new approaches for the preparation of 3D printed objects based on advanced additive manufacturing of biopolymers fully compatible with tissue engineering purposes (Dr Antonín Minařík with Dr Martin Humenik). Dr Aruna Kunhiraman Kalasapurayil with her host Prof Dr Mukundan Thelakkat explore the synthesis and characterization of iridium-decorated titanium oxynitride supported on nanocarbon for water splitting, while Dr. Alejandro Ordonez with Dr. Timo Conradi develop velocity vectors of phytoclimatic change.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all new Grantees on campus!

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