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Photo Prof Kozlowski

„It is both a great honour to receive the BHC Senior Fellowship and a splendid occasion to conduct in tandem with Professor Anno Mungen a potentially groundbreaking research project, whose significance resonates well beyond the Wagner festivals per se. It is no less an invaluable opportunity to further develop collaborative scholarship and maintain the traditions of indefatigable enquiry that stand proudly as the pillars of the Research Institute for Music Theatre Studies (fimt).“
Senior Fellow Professor Krzysztof Kozłowski

Photo Prof Muller

„I live in a country where mobility - research or otherwise - is restricted for a vast majority of people by poverty and danger to life and limb. In this context, international research mobility is not only a privilege, but a responsibility.“
Senior Fellow Professor Stephanus Muller

Photo Dr Begley

„My archival work this year has been hampered by limited time slots and pre-booking requirements in the archives. But this was not an issue at the University of Bayreuth, where I have had access to a nice office and where my host, Professor Klaeger, has ensured that I‘ve had a really fantastic and productive stay.“
Junior Fellow Dr Justin Begley

Photo Dr Kettioui

„I felt triumphant and grateful as I arrived in Bayreuth and began to work in my office at the department of the study of religion. This was especially so as I have fond memories of my earlier visit to Bayreuth university in 2010 where I attended a one-month summer academy organised by BIGSAS.“
Junior Fellow Dr Abdelmjid Kettioui

Photo Dr Radovich

„Bayreuth University campus is wonderful, it is circular, so integrative and inclusive to all sciences (...). After remaining working at home due to COVID pandemic, Bayreuth campus has meant a boost of energy to me.“
Junior Fellow Dr Violeta Radovich

Photo Dr Vile

„Exchanges such as the possibility to work and discuss abroad not only have a scientific function, but also lead to the exchange of cultural aspects between researchers of different countries, and to the development of international networks. So as soon as travel bans were lifted, I bought a ticket to Bayreuth.“
Junior Fellow Dr Gianvito Vilé

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