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Date News
18.10.2021 Senior Fellow Vincent Merckx at the BayCEER colloquium
07.10.2021 First Strategic Scientific Workshop
28.09.2021 Workshop on Digital Tools and Methods for Text Analysis
10.08.2021 First Award Ceremony of the Bayreuth Humboldt Centre
22.07.2021 New Publication in Nature Communications
24.06.2021 New Strategic Scientific Workshops Selected
23.06.2021 New Calls for Applications // Info Session on all Sponsorship Programmes
18.03.2021 Senior and Junior Fellowships 2021 selected
18.03.2021 Info Session on all Sponsorship Programmes
27.01.2021 NEW: Our first Bayreuth Humboldt Centre Prospectus 2021
21.01.2021 The latest Short Term Grantees have been selected
16.09.2020 Prof. Dr. Mirijam Zobel and Prof. Dr. Maxim Vlasov, receive DAAD Award for University Cooperation
09.07.2020 Five new Short Term Grantees and one Strategic Scientific Workshop selected
03.04.2020 First Senior and Junior Fellows selected
26.03.2020 FAQs online
16.03.2020 Updated contact info
25.02.2020 First Short Term Grantees selected
03.02.2020 Info Session Sponsorship Programmes

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