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The list below represents a collection of frequently asked questions, we constantly include updates if necessary. We kindly ask you to search this list and the relevant Application Guidelines before directing more specific questions to the Centre’s office.

General Application Requirements

​Can I apply as a German citizen?Einklappen
​Are specific disciplines excluded from application?Einklappen
​How are periods for care work taken into account in the application process?Einklappen
​Can I submit documents to my application after the deadline?Einklappen
​When can I start/finish my research stay at the University of Bayreuth?Einklappen
​How do I get more information on the application process?Einklappen


​May one Host be involved in several applications?Einklappen
​How often can a Bayreuth researcher act as host for an applicant? Einklappen
​Can PhD candidates act as hosts?Einklappen
​How can hosts spend the host subsidy?Einklappen

Selection Procedure

​When are applications decided?Einklappen
​What are the selection criteria?Einklappen
​What is the success rate?Einklappen
​Can I re-apply after a rejection? Einklappen
​How do I get information on current Awardees and Grantees?Einklappen

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